Photoshop for Bloggers with DESIGN LOVE FEST — SOLD OUT

Class description:
This is a beginner photoshop class for bloggers who want to create unique and creative posts! Make your blog stand out from the rest! We will be covering:

  • basic overview of tools
  • how to make layouts and template posts
  • add fun elements to your photos (type, color, handwriting)
  • basic formatting
  • and more…
Price: $100
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Class limit: 20 people
Sign up by emailing Bri at:

About Bri: 
Bri Emery is an LA based graphic designer and blogger who specializes in print and branding. She started her own company, Design Love Fest in 2010 and spends her days designing websites, magazines, blogs, packaging, logos and more. She has also started teaching a photoshop class for bloggers called BlogShop, which gives people the tools they need to take their online presence to the next level. Let’s not forget her love for bright colors, jazz music and a long, leisurely brunch!

(photo by Bonnie Tsang)


  1. Sign me up please!

  2. Sign me up! What date is it?

  3. Is this class full or is there another way to register? I’m so excited!!

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