Morning Classes (10am – 1pm)
Blogging and Social Media by OH JOY!
Fresh Flowers with FROLIC!
Photography by LISA WARNINGER

Afternoon Classes (2-5pm)
Packaging 101 by TOKKETOK & SHIM + SONS
Photoshop for Bloggers with DESIGN LOVE FEST

Click on each workshop listing to the right
for more information and to reserve a space!

All classes will be held at:
THE ACE HOTEL, 403 SW 10th Avenue, Portland OR


  1. I love the sound of this event 😉 SOOO want to be there!

  2. If you ever come out to the east coast please let me know! Also if you have a contact list please keep me on it..

  3. I’m SOO beyond excited! What date is summer school starting?

  4. Come to Boston!

  5. Eek! I’m so in! How do we sign up?
    -Moorea Seal

  6. Tiffany S. says:

    Whatever shall we do for lunch???

  7. Is there a website for more info? How much does it cost? I’m very interested.

  8. I’m not sure which class would be better suited for me, the photography one of the photoshop one? I’ve taken one class in photoshop a few years ago, and just recently started my own blog. I also have been taking pictures for my friends at weddings and such. How much practice will the photography class be giving? And would it be a waste for me to take the photoshop class if I already know a few things? Thanks for the help!

  9. Allison says:

    Sounds very intriguing, but your website no-workie on my iPad. 😦

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